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  • Dress your way into a Fashion or PR job.

    Dress your way into a Fashion or PR job.

    For fashion jobs, you have some leeway with your style, but take a pass on sheer shirts, says Yate - even if you wear a tank top underneath - and necklaces that end right above or at your cleavage (it's like an arrow pointing at your boobs). Instead, opt for a hip dress that isn't too fitted, cute heels, and layered necklaces. Top it off with a flowy cardigan if you want some extra coverage.
    For PR and sales, you want to convey a powerful, confident image, so it's key to dress in a way that shows you can look fashionable while maintaining a businesslike aura, says Williams. Try a silk shirt with a cute ruffle, a pencil skirt that lands just above your knee, and a fitted blazer. And sit in front of the mirror at home before your interview to make sure your shirt doesn't show too much cleavage when you lean forward.


    Last-Minute Fixes

    For all your preparation, sometimes you realize there's an issue with your  outfit at the 11th hour. Don't stress - most are totally fixable.

    If you notice your skirt is a little on the short side en route to your  interview and you have a few extra minutes, pop into a drug store for a pair of  dark-colored tights. They'll cover up your exposed skin, making your hemline  look less teeny. If you've already arrived for your sit-down, excuse yourself to  the bathroom before you meet with the interviewer and pull your skirt down on  your hips an extra inch or two, recommends Williams. If you're wearing a blazer  over top, you can even unzip your skirt a little to pull it down lower. Keep  your legs together during the interview instead of crossing them to prevent your  skirt from riding back up.

    If the front of your V-neck is dipping deeper than you remember, simply turn  it around and wear it backwards for a chic style that won't reveal too much in  the front. And if you end up second-guessing yourself on your top or your  hemline, just keep your jacket on and unbutton it in the front. It'll do the  same job as a blazer by balancing out the sex appeal with a more business-like  silhouette.


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