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    HR in the Hot Seat

    HR in the Hot Seat - 5 mins with Jamie Ferguson, HR Assistant at Trinity Mirror

    What do you love most about your job?

    Of course it would have to be the people. Everyone in the organisation, from my very first day, have been extremely friendly, helpful and approachable. This is without  mentioning my own team of HR Officers, Managers and Directors whom I support on a day to day basis and I could not do my job without. I also have the opportunity to get to know all aspects of the business function across the board and this gives me a greater overview of the organisation.

    What are the three things you couldn't do your job without?

    The support of my HR team, a sense of humour and chocolate

    What do you think makes a good HR Assistant?

    The obvious answer would be organisation and it definitely applies, but I think personally, the ability to adapt, the ability to communicate well with others and the ability to work efficiently with strict time deadlines as well as multi-tasking are the foundations for a good HR Assistant. 

    Who has been your greatest influence?

     My parents! They took a massive leap of faith with myself and my three brothers only aged 3 - 10 in moving to Australia for two years back in 1997.  After spending a couple of years in Sydney, we then came back to the Midlands for two years, before being granted permanent residency in Australia and are all now proud to call both England and Australia home.

    They have given myself and my three brothers the opportunity to experience different environments and to be confident enough to take chances in life, which is how I have ended up in the position I am. I moved back to the UK on my own to go to University in 2010 and haven't looked back!

    What are your tips for success?

    Come into work with a smile on your face no matter how bad you feel. Be yourself and stick to your morals. If you can gain the respect of your peers through hard work and a genuine work ethic then success will soon follow.

    What do you do after a stressful day?

    Social drinks with my team always helps. I also love to go to the Gym and I play Football on Tuesday lunchtimes.


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