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  • Impact's Founder & Sports Day

    Impact's Founder & Sports Day

    As a relatively new member of the Impact team, I had heard about 'Founders Day' (the day that Nick and Jules started Impact back in 2001) through the grape-vine, but was yet to experience it myself, so I was full of excitement for the day ahead. What followed was an action packed day which left us all with; aching ribs (from laughing so much or maybe it was from falling over in tug of war), squat contests and not forgetting the twerking and the sore heads in the morning!

    Before heading out, Nick & Jules, with the help of Rich set up a lovely lunch for us at the office and when the clock struck 12 noon, we all sat down to have some nibbles and bubbly. As a newbie, it was really heart-warming to hear Nick & Jules talk about how their vision for Impact had begun and the journey that Impact had taken to get to where we are today.

    It was great to get an insight into how the company has always remained true to its core values at being the best albeit through our passion, integrity, collaboration and accountability towards our candidates and clients alike.

    A few bottles of bubbly later, we made our way (tipsily) to Stratford Park, split into two teams with our 'organiser' Rich- we first took to rounder's. There was a real buzz and it was good to see everyone's competitive side, having fun and working together in their teams.

    The two teams were neck and neck. Just for the record, team two (my team) won the rounder's match, yippee. #Goteam2. As things were really heating up, Team 2 could smell victory but next up was tug of war which was over within a flash, well done Team 1- you nailed that one! We then had a sprint race and I was surprised to see that we actually have a few Usain Bolt's in the team not to mention any names, Tom & Molly!

    After a fun filled couple of hours, we all made our way to Hackney Wick by the river, for some much needed celebratory drinks and burgers. It was a great day, spending time outside of the work environment, getting to know the team was really nice and it makes me really proud to work at Impact!

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