Impact Partners with UpliftUS for Career Growth Giveaway

Mon, 08 Jul 2024
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Are you looking to improve your communication skills, boost your leadership abilities, or enhance team dynamics?
For a limited time only, Impact is offering a chance to win a free Firo-B psychometric assessment along with a personalised coaching session to help you understand and leverage your interpersonal strengths, worth over £300.
How to Enter:
1.    Sign Up: Register for the free members portal on the UpliftUs website.
2.    Impact Giveaway: Register for a chance to win.
3.    Win: The winner will be randomly selected and announced on 15th July.Don’t miss a chance to invest in yourself and elevate your career!

The creative, media, and entertainment industry thrives on innovation and talent. Yet, sustaining a career in the industry during these turbulent times has been difficult for many. In response, Impact has partnered with UpliftUs for an exciting new giveaway aimed at fostering career growth and professional development.

A Strategic Evolution: From UpliftHER to UpliftUs

UpliftUs, formerly known as UpliftHER, has undergone a strategic rebrand to better reflect its expanded mission. With 15 ambassadors, multiple sold-out in-person events, and over 4,000 views on online talks, the demand for career support has never been greater. This evolution aims to bring more people together to examine the societal and social influences impacting careers across all demographics in our industry.

Amy Mercer, Founder of UpliftUs, explains:

“UpliftHER was originally established to address gender inequality in the creative industry. However, our careers are much more complex and interconnected, and we cannot examine one aspect in isolation. This shift is an invitation for more people to join us so we can collectively support each other, learn, and reshape limiting aspects.”

Sponsorship Opportunities

UpliftUs is a non-profit and is actively seeking sponsorships to support its expanded mission. If your company is interested in partnering with UpliftUs, sponsors can play a pivotal role in fostering diversity, inclusion, and career sustainability within the creative industry. Sponsorship opportunities include event sponsorships, program funding, and collaborative initiatives to empower individuals in their professional journeys. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact UpliftUs.