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  • Meet Lucie & Nellie!

    Meet Lucie & Nellie!

    We'd like to give a very warm welcome to our new consultants, Lucie and Nellie!

    We've got a little bit of a Q&A for you and we can't wait to see what you both do next!


    Why did you choose Impact?



    Making this move from Corporate to Creative was really important to me, so as moving somewhere that would be good culture fit.

    I could find myself in Impact's values and like the fact that the agency is so collaborative. Not only are we working with some of the biggest agencies and brands, we are also acting as real consultants and working hands in hand with our clients to make sure they are aligned with our values (such as diversity.)



    Why wouldn't I!? I wanted to work somewhere where the brand ethos and values were very similar or the same to mine. Not only have impact matched this but have actually exceeded this. The strong passion the company have for the creative industry and care they have for their clients and especially  their candidates is through the roof.. I wanted to be in an environment that is about quality and not quantity and impact is really just that, of course the volume is high but the quality that comes with that is outstanding!


    What are your first impressions of your new team members?



    Amazing. There is such a range of characters from all different walks of life and backgrounds with different levels of expertise across all the divisions and they all share the same drive. It's really refreshing to walk in to such a positive office atmosphere.



    Everyone has been extremely helpful and it feels like I have known the team for a while already! I also like the fact that everyone communicates face to face (might sounds silly but it makes a HUGE difference).



    Have you ever worked in Shoreditch? What do you know about the area?



    I have never worked in Shoreditch but have always lived East London. Most of my friends live around here and I really like how diverse it is. I like how the area is constantly reinventing itself and how you can change atmosphere just walking up the street. You will probably find me street photographing somewhere around the office or outside Village Underground after another amazing gig!



    I have, just behind Liverpool street not far from where we are based now. I also live in east London so Shoreditch is my Sunday brunch go to. It's such an inventive area full of creatives! It has some great vintage shops and not to mention the range of backstreet foodie pop ups.

     What would you like to achieve here?


    I want to really excel in my career with regards to support recruitment. I have a strong back ground in theatre and the arts but have so much to learn about the broader creative and media industry and really looking forward to everything impact has to teach me


    I would like to become an expert as a Marketing recruitment consultant and build a strong understanding of the creative industry to start with!

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