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The Referral Scheme is organised by Impact and is open to anyone residing in the UK.
By taking part in this Referral Scheme, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms. You acknowledge that the Terms can be modified at any time and the Referral Scheme can be withdrawn without notice.
General Terms
  • The Referrer confirms that prior to submitting contact details of the Referred Candidate to Impact, the Referrer has obtained the consent of the Referred Candidate.
  • The candidate is not already on Impact’s database.
  • The referred candidate must be placed in a permanent position by Impact.
  • The referred candidate must be placed within 6 months of being referred.
  • The referrer will receive a £200 Selfridges Voucher upon candidate’s start date.
  • We will not re-issue if the Voucher has not been used within a year.