AfroYanga 2023 Keynote Speech with Jules Dosne

Wed, 23 Aug 2023
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“Access, Equity and Inclusivity within the Media & Creative Industry”  

By Jules Dosne – Co-Founder, Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd   


Good evening, everyone! 

I am Jules, one of the Co-Founders of Impact and I’m humbled to be speaking at this year’s AfroYanga Pride Event.  As a Jewish woman actively participating in the business world, I deeply empathise with marginalised communities and acknowledge the historical impact of biases and discrimination. 

Today, I want to acknowledge the challenges encountered by the Queer Migrant Community and express my gratitude for welcoming Impact’s collaboration with Living Free U.K. We pledge to use our platform to amplify your voices.  

In a world where the media wields tremendous influence, shaping our perceptions and attitudes, inclusivity becomes paramount. The media must mirror the diversity of our society to truly resonate with all of us.  Representation is a fundamental right. Every person deserves to see themselves reflected in the media, including LGBTQ migrants and asylum seekers of African descent. Your stories are invaluable.  

Today, I’d like to delve into a crucial subject: Access, Equity, and Inclusivity within the Media & Creative Industry. This field goes beyond entertainment; it’s a catalyst for change, amplifying voices and moulding perceptions.  As LGBTQ migrants and asylum seekers of African descent, your cultural richness and strength bring a unique perspective. It’s about sharing our stories in a world that often fails to appreciate the depth of these experiences.  

Access is our first step. Breaking down barriers to participation is imperative. It’s not just about entering the industry; it’s about having a voice at decision-making tables.  

Equity extends further, ensuring opportunities are just and fair. We must address systemic obstacles and level the playing field.  

Inclusivity is key. It means celebrating our diverse narratives and embracing the intersectionality of our identities. Our differences should be celebrated as strengths, not weaknesses. When the media reflects diverse communities, it sends a powerful message of validation, acceptance and love.  

Our voices possess the power to challenge norms, inspire change, and foster understanding. Allies who comprehend the significance of these struggles and triumphs are essential for our stories to resonate.  By elevating the voices of LGBTQ migrants and refugees, we enrich our storytelling and contribute to a more compassionate world.

So, how can the industry become more inclusive?  

  • By Industry giants offering programs for underrepresented groups, including LGBTQ migrants, featuring internships, mentorship, training, and networking.  
  • Organisations providing financial support for LGBTQ individuals entering media and creative fields as well as adequate funding for organisations helping marginalised communities access the creative industry through life-changing projects and initiatives.   
  • Film Festivals and Exhibitions: Showcasing diverse voices, these events offer opportunities for LGBTQ migrant artists to shine.  
  • Leveraging digital platforms like YouTube and Instagram to showcase our diverse talents.  
  • Participating in local events to network and learn from industry professionals.  
  • Exploring freelance opportunities using our creative skills.  

Businesses can adopt inclusive hiring practices; collaborations with NGOs, mentorship, and internships tailored for LGBTQ migrants are all also vital steps.  

At Impact, ED&I is firmly rooted in our DNA. Our journey has progressed significantly since winning The Heart of the City, Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award in 2017. The award celebrates businesses that are leading the way to create profound social impact for their people and communities. Our Future Proofing Talent Through Diversity programme is shaped through partnerships with schools, communities, and charities, we raise awareness of creative career opportunities, fostering a diverse pipeline and connecting marginalised groups with our clients.  

We have long recognised the potential Impact has with our 500 media and creative clients to influence, and create partnership and supportive opportunities.  Our team facilitates discussions, workshops, and intern programs, driving positive change across the industry.   

For AfroYanga – We had many of our clients keen to collaborate and would like to thank  Havas London, Wilderness Agency,, and Omnicom Media Group for joining the career fair today.   

Our client’s collaboration and commitment extends beyond today with Mother, Wilderness, and, creating an onsite Working Day Experience to give you industry exposure, knowledge and networking.  Wilderness is offering a paid internship and Smartly is offering mentorships; with all of them giving industry exposure to empower the journey of this driven community.   

Today marks a significant milestone, but our commitment doesn’t end here. We believe in creating lasting change.  

The media and creative industry hold immense potential to shape our world. By embracing diversity, we amplify creativity and innovation. Let us ensure every voice is heard, and together, as allies, we’ll continue to champion inclusivity and create opportunities that are fair and equitable for everyone.  


Thank you.