Anne-Louise’s Arty Lockdown

Mon, 27 Apr 2020
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Since being in Lockdown in my lovely little flat in Lewisham I surprisingly have had lots of time on my hands to go back to a main passion of mine, drawing and painting. I love to listen to music when I draw and Alexia has found me a great Amazon playlist called ‘relaxing bath-time’ (I don’t have a bath) so instead I listen to it whilst I draw!

I have had two birthdays since March within my immediate family and another couple on the way, so I thought why not take this opportunity to draw them a picture as a present.

My sisters favourite animals are Dolphins so I decided to draw her a chirpy Dolphin holding a balloon. If only I could be with it swimming in the sea…

My gorgeous niece who turned nine in April loves Panthers so I decided to draw her a Panther in my version of what one might call a jungle.

And one of my very close Friends is a massive fan of Sloths and during this unusual time I myself have on occasion felt quite slothful so I could relate to this Sloth massively! These have all been drawn and painted using inks and watercolours.

I also love to cook and have in the past put on events with my sister who is currently studying

to be a Master of Wine, we occasionally put on an event called the ‘New Cross and Deptford Wine Club’ where she, of course is in charge of choosing the wines and I cook and put together the food pairings. This has led me to start creating some recipe cards with my own easy and simple recipes on them. I have chosen this one to share with you all as it is one of my favourites and takes about 15 mins to prep and cook…

If you, like me are missing bar snacks then make this recipe of ‘Hot Halloumi Fries’ goes great with a beer and an online virtual quiz! I highly recommend. Best, Anne-Louise x