Back Online

Mon, 11 Jul 2016
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Happy Monday Impactees! We hope you had a great weekend in the sun and here’s to many more to follow.

Over the last couple of weeks Impact has been experiencing technical problems with our phone lines and internet connection. You may already be aware of this from our daily tweets and Facebook updates but this was due to a critical failure in the BT lines following the torrential weather in London. Slow responses in resolving the issue made us very frustrated in the office with many of our clients and candidates struggling to get through to us.

HOWEVER, we are delighted to report that after two weeks we are back up and running. If you have tried to contact us over the past couple of weeks and have had a delayed response please accept our sincere apologies. We are still getting through our backlog of emails so if you are waiting to hear from us please get in touch. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation.

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