Being A Working Parent in the Recruitment Industry

Tue, 20 Jun 2023
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At Impact, we understand the challenges of balancing work and personal life. That’s why we prioritize creating a supportive environment for all team members, especially those with families. We recently interviewed two of our senior members, Dee and Emily, to discuss their experiences as working parents in the recruitment industry.

What does a working week look like for you?
Dee: Mostly working from home and 1 day in the office visiting clients and seeing colleagues.
Emily: I work 4 days over 5 days.

How does Impact support you and your family?
Dee: Allowing me to work flexibly and by understanding input/output from staff rather than alone regimented hours. I can pick my little one up from nursery, spend time with her early evening, and continue with work when suits me.
Emily: They are incredibly flexible with me working part-time so that I can be at home for nursery drop-offs/ pickups and work around my husband’s shift work. They appreciate that when I do commute to work, I want to leave earlier to see the kids briefly before bed, and then I can work later on and catch up on emails.

Are you able to balance work with additional at-home responsibilities?
Dee: Yes, home responsibilities have been juggled to make things work since having a child. Plus having an extra pair of hands at home is helpful!
Emily: Having the flexibility to work from home has enabled me to do house chores during lunch and balance my work/life balance. Instead of staying up all night to do put on washes, or clean the dishes I can catch up at lunch and go to bed less stressed for the day ahead.

What is the best benefit that Impact offers you to help you with your family life?
Dee: Flexible working hours and working from home. I feel this allows me to see my little one more and helps relieve a little of that “mum guilt” that is with you for life as a parent.
Emily: 100% the flexibility they have given me. My kids are my absolute world and priority and seeing their faces each morning and evening motivates me to do my best at work to provide for them.

How have you found parenthood has changed your outlook/ perspective?
Dee: I feel calmer, more grounded sometimes, and still determined to work hard to continue building a great career I enjoy and love.
Emily: Parenthood has given me that drive and commitment to make my kids and husband proud and give them the life they deserve. It has also made me realise that time is incredibly precious and it flashes before your eyes so we have to make each day count.

Any advice to parents going back to work from parental leave?
Dee: It’s completely natural to feel vulnerable, full of emotions and even confused, and trying to ‘have a perfect balance’ won’t always be easy but worth it.
Emily: I was incredibly nervous coming back to work unsure how I would juggle everything – work, kids, house etc.  However, you have to ease your way back in slowly and don’t put pressure on yourself. Accept help when needed, make sure you have some YOU time and take each day as it comes. You can do this and if you are with the right company with the right support you will be absolutely fine!