Fri, 01 Jul 2016
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It seems like everyone is talking about Brexit at the moment… So here at Impact we thought we’d jump on the band wagon and join the debate to discuss exactly what this means for our future.

After getting over the dreadful shock of leaving the EU, we are thinking of all the positives here in the office and are trying to remain optimistic that leaving won’t be all that bad. Of course it was an upsetting outcome, however we are hoping that the temporary downturn in the markets isn’t here to last. Once a new Prime Minister is elected and clear leadership is established, the UK will hopefully be able to start regaining its economic stability. From here leadership can ensure a smooth process of departure from the EU and negotiate trade terms worldwide that would have a positive effect on the country.

Perhaps your summer holiday to Spain will be a little more expensive than expected this year, but actually the effects on our everyday lives are very minimal. It certainly hasn’t affected us here at Impact with our phone lines ringing off the hook all day long. We even have a job opportunity in Amsterdam at the moment which hasn’t been affected by the current affairs at all! If you were thinking about a move overseas now is definitely the time, so keep those applications flooding in.

We want to know your thoughts on the BREXIT debate so please tweet us or contact us via our facebook page. Keep up to date with LinkedIn as well for all the new and ongoing roles we currently have here at Impact!