Careers Fair – Pimlico Academy

Thu, 24 Oct 2019
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I attended the careers fair at Pimlico Academy on Friday morning and spoke with many curious, bright and intuitive Year 11’s and Year 9’s. I was asked lots of questions I wish I had asked at that age! Many of them were excited about my day to day duties, which make me really appreciate my job – but I feel I inspired them to pursure a career within recruitment.

The majority of them were a little bit anxious about their futures, figuring out what they want to do and what they wanted to study. I felt they appreciated that my professional journey really proved that things do fall into place and everything happens for a reason, as long as you work hard for it! Although I was there for their benefit, I felt I also learned a lot from them, it was extremely rewarding. About 700 students took part and from the research/feedback, it makes a big difference to them.

-Ellen O’Mahony