Thu, 19 Feb 2015
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The Year of the Sheep is upon us (Thursday 19th February) – and Impact wants to share with you how to celebrate in style! We’ll provide YOU lucky readers with the ‘must do’ events, but also the ‘must visit’ restaurants!



– Get yourselves to Chinatown to celebrate the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations in the world! Festivities taking place on Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd February! Witness the exciting and riotous Dragon and Lion Dances, Red Poppy ladies and many more. Expect Chinatown to be booming.

– Addressing the more ‘cultural’ tasted people here… Over 18s are offered to spend an evening in the Horniman Museum to witness the traditional culture. Excitingly you can witness the secret gallery work by Aowen Jin (only by UV torch) and experience the live entertainment and music! Note that you MUST book in advance.



Café TPT: Known for its endless menu and delicious food/drinks, it’s ranked as a  must in Chinatown – it may not be the cheapest of Café’s… but sure is worth it!

Joy King Lau: Regarded as the ‘upper-market’ restaurant of Chinatown and one that you shouldn’t visit while dressed in white… fabulous (juicy) food and dining.

HK Diner: Word on the street is that if you dine at this diner you’ll taste perfectly cooked food and experience gracious service. What’s not to like?