Christmas Party

Wed, 24 Dec 2014
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Impact takes Kensington Roof Gardens by Storm!

After weeks of anticipation, the night of our Christmas-do finally arrived. An evening of celebration and memories; ones that we’d (hopefully!) all remember the next day. Hours leading to the countdown: bottles of Prosecco whacked out, ‘nibbles’ to keep us going, music blaring away, our spirits were high and all that was on our minds was partying away to our hearts content. The race began. It was (of course) the ladies who started to beautify and glamourize themselves first, walking in one by one looking fabulous, turning heads as they passed. In true male style, the gentleman in the office waited until the very last second for their preparation… and surprisingly, were still ready first.   Rushing and squeezing into the lifts, final checks in the mirror, and into the taxi. Kensington Roof Gardens… We were coming for you.

Doors opened into an elegantly designed Kensington Rooftop Gardens lobby, the atmosphere was already pumping and thriving. We walked into the Babylon Dining Room – a luxuriously decorated room with own private terrace.  The cities lights gleaming in the distance like stars, and below you could see the magnificent sight of the gardens, absolutely mesmerising.

After a delicious 3 course meal, and copious amounts of champagne and wine, it was time to join the other hundreds of people in the Club. The lift doors opened to dark lights, pumping music – escorted to our V.I.P table which held a huge ice bucket loaded with Vodka, Gin and Champagne we mingled with our fellow party goers and toasted to this magical evening. One by one the Impact team made their way to the dance floor to ‘bust’ their moves – and may I say… the Impact team were quite the dancers. We partied away into the early hours of the morning, until it was time to say goodbye.   As for the gossip … well of course, our lips are sealed!

Recollecting on the night: It was truly and utterly an unforgettable night.  Impact sure does know how to party.  And so I say… Bring on the 2015 Christmas Party.