Christmas Shindig

Thu, 17 Dec 2015
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What’s that I smell? The fresh scent of pine leaves. What’s that I hear? The greatly-adored *despised* classic Christmas tunes. What’s the meaning of this blog? Well… it’s our legendary Christmas-Do tomorrow, so of course a blog is completely and utterly necessary?

Now last year, we felt like A-Listers walking into Kensington Rooftop Gardens. Not only did we have our very own private room that on-looked the gorgeous scenery and skylights of London, but we also had our own booth down in the club, with a bucket load of booze that could last you a month (but for us only 2 hours).

As stated in my previous blog, this month has been full of changes for us, and so we felt it was compulsory to stick to this theme. And so ladies and gentlemen, the Impactee’s will be making their way to Shoreditch House for the much-anticipated Chrimbo-Do… Ho ho hooray! (allow the cheese… it’s Christmas).

At precisely 11.30am (we females need our time to look fabulous ok?); we’ll be glamming ourselves up, while the men begin their preparations 20 minutes prior to heading out. Once dolled and looking the part, we’ll make our way and prepare for the prosecco welcoming. There we will indulge *demolish* in the three-course menu, and of course more booze, and when we’re full and merry… SECRET SANTA TIME!

We’re not quite sure when the celebrations will end tomorrow… but all you need to know is that we’ll be filling you in with the (PG) gossip next week.

Keep your eyes peeled, over and out.