Halloween Competition Results!

Fri, 16 Nov 2012
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Happy Friday folks! So, you may remember a little Halloween competition we ran this time last week – if you don’t then let me jog your memory.

We asked you to send us your Halloween costume snaps with the incentive of winning a £15.00 Topshop/Topman voucher.

Anyway after being inundated with entries, the results are in and we have awarded the £15.00 voucher to Mark Adlington! Mark was dressed in a horrifying, custom made, mask using an inside-out basketball. There was also lots of (fake) blood and a knife involved too!

Well done Mark, not only did your picture make us all gasp, it also made some of the ladies in the office run for cover!

Due to the graphic nature of the photo, we won’t be posting it on our website so instead here is a picture of a pumpkin.

Thank you to all of those that entered, it was thoroughly entertaining flicking through your snaps.

Come and get your voucher Mark!