Happy 12th Birthday, Facebook

Tue, 09 Feb 2016
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Facebook celebrated its 12th birthday this week. In those meagre 12 years, it has surpassed all expectation. How? Because it’s convinced it’s 1.5 billion users to share more information with it then across any other network! Not only has this super power dominated the online world, but has made its owners $5.4 billion *yikes*.

So what makes Facebook this social giant? It has allowed people to connect with loved ones (and often strangers you’ve just met) across the globe, oh, and it knows EVERYTHING about you.

Just like all accounts, it has its downfalls – “how” you’re asking? Well, let us tell you. Did you know that 73% of recruiters have hired through social media and 93% of hiring managers will check out a social media profile before inviting a candidate in to interview? Yes/No? Just last week a client of ours asked NOT to meet a candidate following some inappropriate images on her Facebook page. This unlucky socialite missed out on a fabulous opportunity, which is why we’re blogging to you today! This stuff matters.

OK, Facebook isn’t the greatest recruitment tool, with only 36% of recruiters using it, compared to 79% who use LinkedIn. But this is a message for all social media users across all site, if you’re looking for a new job, there’s no point having a tidy CV and a wonderfully composed cover letter if your Facebook page has photos from last Friday of you falling out of a club in the early hours. Statistics dictate that it’s going to count against you…

I mean, LinkedIn doesn’t work against you in the same way, but it can certainly improve your online profile/presence. If you want to work within a specific industry, make sure you’re following the newsfeeds of companies within that sector. Look keen and keep on top of industry news! If you have an interview with someone and you know their name, try to Link in with them, but ONLY if your profile is up to scratch.

So do yourself a favour, make sure you spend as much time tidying up your social media presence as you do your CV.