How Graduates Be Equipped With The Workplace Skills They Require?

Tue, 20 May 2014
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According to a new survey the Guardian has reported that graduates are lacking the basic skills to get by in the workplace. This includes a lack of team work, communication, punctuality and the ability to cope under pressure.

Apparently the survey “calls into question the effectiveness of the millions of pounds universities are spending in augmenting degrees with programmes designed to equip their graduates with the workplace skills to make them an immediate asset to employers.”

What can be done to rectify this and in our minds, this survey shows that its imperative students back up their degree with work undertaken in their holidays, either temp work or even better relevant internships.

We register many recent graduates and generally it’s those with degree plus good work experience who firstly stand a far better chance of getting a good role and secondly excelling in the role.

The report suggests that the universities should be doing more, however students should also be doing more to help and equip themselves for their future.