How Well Is Your Company Using Social Media?

Fri, 20 Mar 2015
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The use of social media within a company is important in advertising, a quarter of the world’s population is currently using social media and the numbers are forever growing. More and more Facebook and twitter accounts are created each day; on which people are searching they’re favourite brands, TV shows, liking and following the pages in order to keep on track with all the companies’ new activity and news. But is the amount of likes what increases the popularity of the brand or is it about how well the page is run.

Nearing the end of 2014, the top 25 companies on Facebook were looked at and the like count was put in comparison to the growth in finance. In looking at the data collected, it’s clear that the amount of likes does not reflect the growth of the company. So what are some companies doing differently to others in how they run they’re social media accounts to increase the popularity of the brand both on and offline? For example, in December 2014, Mothercare had a like count of 11,834 with a growth of 14%, whilst John Lewis had a much higher like count of 842,524 but a growth of only 7%, why is Mothercare progressing more with fewer followers than John Lewis? We could conclude that mothers are an important target market and willing to spend more, however John Lewis sells to the same market and many more with similar prices. So it must all come down to what’s posted on the Facebook page, mustn’t it?

It’s obviously important that a company’s social media page is constantly active, updating all its followers on what’s new to come and what’s happening now to keep them interested andinformed, always tempting them with posts of new things in stock with catchy and complimentary headings that deserve a second glance. Having millions of followers is somewhat irrelevant if the company page is not kept up to date and interesting; it will fall right past the view of the public and be forgotten about by its followers. So maybe it all depends on who’s managing your social media and how they’re controlling your accounts?