HR In The Hot Seat

Mon, 12 May 2014
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HR In The Hot Seat – 5 Mins With Caitlin Goosey, Senior HR Advisor At M&C Saatchi

What do you love most about your job?

I love it when things are busy and I’m being pulled in multiple directions. Being the middle man between Employee and Employer can often mean that you’re being pulled every which way and people can be demanding. I get satisfaction from delivering and seeing people happy.


What are the three things you couldn’t do your job without?

Other HR professionals, lists and Google.


What do you think makes a good HR Professional?

Integrity, emotional intelligence, being calm, the ability to multitask and being a good team player.

Who has been your greatest influence?

I wouldn’t say one person in particular; I go through phases where different people influence me for different reasons depending on what stage of life I’m at.

What are your tips for success?

Just keep going. If you’re not happy, change it. Don’t work for people or places that make you unhappy .  If you’re happy you are more likely to succeed.

What do you do after a stressful day?

This depends on my energy levels, I either try to work out and go for a run or I head straight home for a bath picking up a treat on the way, be it a magazine, a new nail varnish or some yummy food.