Impact Blushes… Again!

Tue, 08 Dec 2015
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What do they value? What do they gain? The many questions job seekers ask about recruitment agencies. Well let me briefly answer that for you…


– We value each and very candidate, we aspire to help you find and achieve your dream job. We will forever go above and beyond to make sure that we support and guide you to succeed. 

– We gain the pleasure and happiness of seeing our candidates be placed at the desired company and role they’ve been searching for. 


So why should you come to us? Well, take a look at this feedback… and see for yourself? Great work Support Team *Go Impact* 

“I just wanted to write a brief note about my positive experience working with Impact. The service I received from Impact’s office support team was top-notch. The consultants are extremely knowledgeable about their clients and the industries they work in. They also really understood what I wanted from my next position and were able to very quickly determine which companies would fit my personal and professional needs. During my first meeting with a consultant, I was shown a position within a company I knew I would love. I was given great advice on reorganising my CV and was very happy to hear I had secured an interview the following day. I was given a pre-interview phone call, a post-interview update, and a congratulatory call once I was offered the position. I felt completely supported by Impact’s team throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t be more pleased at the result. Friends I’ve spoken to say they did not receive this type of attention from other recruitment agencies, and I’m so grateful to have found Impact. I highly recommend their services, which can only be summed up as first-rate.”