Virtual Health & Wellbeing

Mon, 20 Apr 2020
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Impact has the Health & Wellbeing of our team at heart! 

We arranged for the talented Mike Aunger , a health and fitness specialists with over 10 years’ experience in elite sport to host a couple of virtual sessions with us.

He shared guidance on the best set up for home computer use, we discussed getting into good habits and the best ways to exercise and build our fitness levels.

Our top takeaways were …

Optimum Home Working Set Up

  • Feet flat, knees and hips should be 90 degrees, neutral spine, relaxed arms and shoulders and the top of the screen should be at eye-line height
  • Get creative (use of books / kitchen counters) to achieve the right monitor height
  • If using a laptop up then invest in a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to bring the arms into a neutral position
  • Move around regularly (every 20-30 mins at least) and take advantage of the 1 hour daily exercise allowed outside.

Avoiding injury at home 

  • Recognising symptoms early and seek early intervention
  • Rate pain or discomfort on a scale of 0-10 anything above a 2 or 3 out of 10 is significant if it’s ignored
  • Below that threshold apply a wait and see approach and try changing up your habits or resting from the activity that has caused an issue, if things don’t improve or get worse then seek advice from a professional.

Exercise at home 

  • Mix it up and create a weekly schedule. Cardio, Pilates, Yoga and weights
  • Try something new but start small and monitor the response – initially give it 24-36 hrs before you go again, giving your body time to catch up with a new loading and you to become aware of the response.
  • Length of time
    • Cardio 30-45 mins
    • Yoga and Pilates – 6 -10 exercises
    • Weights – mix the mode (ie upper vs lower body, push vs pulls) and find equipment that is reliable

It was brilliant to hear so many of us are looking after our physical wellbeing!  Lots of new runners, some budding cyclists, a few boxers and many taking up Yoga and Pilates.  We’ve all been using different virtual work out sessions and our favourites were Fit Plan App , Courtney BlackJoe Wicks, Mad Fit and Chloe Ting

A huge thanks to Mike for a couple of great sessions!