Impact Hits Ibiza!

Mon, 14 Sep 2015
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Now, I don’t know whether you know much about Impact, but here we like to celebrate and party in style. We like to mix it up a bit, try new things, visit new places, and like I said… party! So where better to celebrate Impact’s Anniversary than the very partay’ location of all time? Ibiza!

During the days we’ll be soaking up the glorious rays, sunbathing on white -sand beaches, sipping *downing* cocktails and embracing that “Ibiza” image and vibe.

And when the sun goes down… and the night starts to awaken… we’ll be making *stumbling* our way back to the hotel. The glamorization preparation will begin… the showers of perfume, the vamping of hair volume, the cheek colour enhancements and of course those ever so essential final touches – and that’s just the men…

Like starring in our own Ibiza music video, we’ll make our way into the clubs *cue the slow motion walk*…Here comes the entrance. The winds will graciously blow and add that already dramatic and fabulous effect, all eyes will be on us Impactees’, representing our Impact name proudly, and of course heading straight for the bar… guilty.

So as you can tell, we’re no ordinary creative recruitment agency, we’re a unit, and we like to kick things off in oh-la-la style! So watch-out Ibiza, this Friday… we’re coming for you.


Thank you Nick & Jules … you are the best and we promise to behave!