Impact Hosts ‘Managing Millennials’ Roundtable

Mon, 15 Apr 2019
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This week, we hosted our latest Roundtable as part of our continued efforts to champion inclusion in the workplace. This fantastic workshop, led by Liz Nottingham, R/GA London’s Executive HR Director, and a well-respected thought leader in the industry, was based on the hot topic of ‘managing millennials’.

Joined by our client partners from AMV, Ticketmaster, Dentsu, L’Oréal and Universal, our aim was to provide an opportunity for some of our most senior EA’s to discuss their current challenges in managing a team.  To share ideas and resources to effect positive change, as well as providing an opportunity for their personal growth and development.

Through a series of activities and visual aids, Liz skilfully facilitated a discussion around understanding what the challenges are, and ultimately, how to not only effectively manage, but to learn from this new generation.

We were immediately thrust into an ‘active listening’ introduction involving our favourite biscuit (which set the tone nice and early!), before considering our own perception of what ‘managing millennials’ really means to us. From the disruption of social media and short attention spans, to the need for instant gratification, impatience and wanting to make an ‘impact’, it quickly became clear we all share similar challenges. However, Liz encouraged us to avoid sweeping generalisations and stereotypes and ask ourselves if we too could benefit from seeing the world with a ‘millennial mind-set’ and to embrace the benefits of this new generation in the workplace.

Some key take-aways … providing job specs, giving constant feedback and teaching patience.  Recognising millennials may only have a short career in the business, so maximise the journey by setting clear expectations and objectives.  It was also hugely beneficial to be introduced to a number of resources including Simon Sinek’s coaching on “Managing Millennials” and reading recommendations ‘Dare to Lead’ and ‘Playing Big’.

A huge thanks to Liz Nottingham for joining our fantastic session, and of course, to all our brilliant client partners for their participation and valuable insight!