Impact Partners with Rainforest Trust UK

Wed, 08 May 2024
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At Impact, we’re committed to being a force for positive change, not just in the recruitment industry but in the world around us. That’s why as part of our social impact, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Rainforest Trust UK’s Conservation Circle, an initiative dedicated to preserving the world’s most vital rainforests and protecting the incredible biodiversity they support.

Rainforest Trust UK is at the forefront of the fight to save rainforests worldwide. Through their Conservation Circle program, they work with local partners and communities to establish protected areas, purchase and safeguard threatened rainforest lands, and implement sustainable management practices.

As part of our partnership,  we will be making a monthly donation on behalf of each staff member to support Rainforest Trust UK’s critical conservation efforts. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. Throughout the year, we’ll be organising various fundraisers and events to raise additional funds and awareness for this vital cause.

So why is a recruitment company like Impact so passionate about rainforest conservation? For us, it’s about taking responsibility for our environmental impact and doing our part to create a more sustainable future. By supporting Rainforest Trust UK, we’re taking an important step toward offsetting our carbon footprint and preserving the Earth’s natural resources for generations to come.

We’re incredibly proud to be joining forces with Rainforest Trust UK, an organisation that shares our values and our commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Together, we hope to inspire others – individuals, businesses, and communities – to take action and join the fight to protect our planet’s irreplaceable rainforests.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming fundraising events for 2024!