Impact’s HR Team

Thu, 22 Jun 2023
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Your Partner in Driving Diversity, Inclusion, and Development in the Media & Creative Industry 


Welcome to Impact’s specialist HR & Talent team, where we are at the forefront of transforming the industry by connecting talented professionals with organisations eager to embrace positive change. As we hit the half-year mark, we wanted to share a snapshot of our team and the creative HR market.  Join us on this journey as we explore how we position ourselves as the driving force behind diversity, inclusion, and learning and development, helping businesses thrive in the evolving landscape. 


Meet our stellar team of talent consultants, led by Jules Dosne , Co-Founder and top-notch specialist partner in director-level HR contingent and retained Executive Search appointments across the vibrant creative industry. Carly David , our Principal Consultant, is the go-to expert for all things mid to senior level, whether it’s freelance or permanent roles, covering HR generalist, learning & development, talent acquisition, HRIS, engagement, and HR consultancy. Daniel Asaya, the maestro of D&I-focused HR roles, also happens to be the driving force behind our HR events that are all about celebrating diversity and inclusion.  We are here to provide exceptional support and expertise every step of the way.


Trailblazing with Impact: 

Our expertise lies in our network and experience and due to this, we achieve the highest level of conversion rates.  We are also highly skilled at identifying and placing specialised roles dedicated to diversity and inclusion, enabling organisations to create a more inclusive and vibrant workforce. By understanding the unique needs of each company, we become a catalyst for transformative change, empowering businesses to make a lasting impact. 


Unleashing the Power of Diversity and Inclusion: 

At Impact, we are passionate about the undeniable importance of diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to collaborate closely with our clients, sourcing exceptional talent who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table. By expertly matching these professionals with companies ready to embrace inclusivity, we fuel innovation, creativity, and success. 


Igniting Continuous Growth through Learning and Development: 

Alongside that, we know that investing in learning and development is vital for unlocking the full potential of individuals and organisations. We specialise in identifying learning and development talent, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity. By connecting passionate professionals with companies committed to nurturing growth, we empower a workforce prepared for the industry’s ever-evolving demands. 


Pioneering Collaborative Change: 

Our commitment goes beyond connecting talent and organisations. We actively foster collaboration and networking, partnering with industry-wide initiatives that champion diversity and inclusion. By nurturing a community of professionals dedicated to driving change, we create a ripple effect of progress throughout the creative industry. 


With Impact as your recruitment partner, you can lead the charge in driving positive change within the media and creative industry. We connect you with exceptional talent, innovative ideas, and the tools needed to thrive in a dynamic and inclusive environment. Together, we pave the way towards a future where diversity, inclusion, and continuous growth are at the heart of success.