Inspirational Women Of Campaign

Fri, 25 Nov 2016
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It’s good to see this week’s article in Campaign: ‘Sister’s doin’ it for themselves’. Not just because two women have the most senior jobs at Ogilvy which is a leading agency group in the UK but also the message it sends out to young aspiring females across the creative sector.

We now live in a world where men and women are treated more equally, thus opening up excellent opportunities in employment. It’s great that agencies such as Ogilvy are paving the way and creating such fantastic role models for future employees.

It’s exciting to work within such an industry that inspires younger generations to achieve and what’s great is that Impact works right in the heart of sourcing and recruiting these employees at both ends of the spectrum. It’s clear that inspiration breeds creativity and so what better way to captivate our youth and providing them with the tools to achieve.

This follows our #PMA blog last week and the importance of a positive mental attitude in order to succeed. The key to success lies in believing in yourself and your capabilities whatever your sex or race.

Check out the full Campaign article here:

And enjoy it as much as we did!