Wed, 16 Jul 2014
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Here we go, after 3 months at Impact my internship comes to its end…

How can I summarise it in one post? Hard to do! The time went so quickly and I can’t believe it’s over! I remember looking for a recruitment agency when I was searching for a placement, when I came across Impact’s website. I thought it looked like a trendy and cool company to work for so I applied and… got a positive answer!

I was so stressed at the beginning, afraid of not being understood (I am French!) or not being able to understand what people were saying! But day after day I started to feel more confident and managed to make the most of my placement.

And I gained and learned so much from this experience!

I discovered how recruitment agencies operate and how a business works. I was involved in so many tasks, Finance, Marketing, HR… My goal with this placement was to improve my professional skills and I think I completely achieved it!!

As well as enhancing my professional skills, I was part of a fantastic team and met some lovely people. I fancied working and experiencing another culture and I learned a lot about the British way of life (they love after work drinks and in the office they drink loooots of tea) I really enjoyed the every Friday-smoothie, especially the last one, which was of course French themed!

I would like to thank all of the Impact team who were just amazing with me and of course Jules and Nick who gave me this wonderful opportunity!

I am going back in France with a strong professional experience and if I had to describe this placement in world I would sayrewarding!

To anyone who fancies a fab placement, Impact is the place to be!

Thank you so much for everything! Au revoir