Maria at Burberry

Tue, 27 Apr 2021
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Our candidate, Maria Fallon is a Social Media Project Coordinator at Burberry and we had a chat with her about her role at Burberry! Take a look…

What does a Social Media Project Coordinator do?

I’m responsible for…
project management on digital channels for dotcom & email. My main duties include managing campaign briefing with marketing teams to align with our design teams, forecasting any risks or issues and planning timelines for each project.

I got my job…
last February 2020, I applied to the role of Social Media Project Coordinator through Impact. My previous experience includes project management and marketing within luxury fashion brands such as Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo. I have a marketing background including a masters in luxury management from IFM Paris.

What is the best part of your job?
I thoroughly enjoy working with the very talented teams at Burberry, everyone is so committed and always striving for the best results. The best part of my job is no two days are the same, from working on so many interesting projects, I have learned so much especially through these challenging times. Now more than ever it’s critical to keep a connection with colleagues to be as proactive as possible.

My typical day…
starts with a daily touch base with the teams, to discuss our daily updates and any project urgencies or changes that may need actioning. I then run through the project boards to identify project status.
Since we are all WFH, we have a lot of meetings each day with stakeholders, could be marketing, merchandising meetings and daily design team creative reviews meetings. I do try to keep some time each day for administration tasks and of course some breaks in between if possible.

What changes do you think the pandemic had on the need/role of social media in companies?
The pandemic has had a huge impact on our ways of working. From my experience, I was working only 3 weeks in the office when we were forced into lockdown and working from home became the new normal. From the creative side it forced teams to think outside of the box, if shooting content was not easily accessible. The teams overcame huge hurdles to create inspiring and engaging content for our social channels.