Joseph – Our First February 2019 Intern!

Mon, 25 Feb 2019
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My initial plan loosely involved spending a week in a supposedly corporate office, occupying a pedestrian cubicle. The moment I stepped into Impact Creative Recruitment, my draft plan fell apart. I was immediately captivated. The speakers pumping vitality into the room, the receptionist sitting behind his well kept desk beckoning me over with a smile, the expressions of individuality allowed by the dress code, down to the office space itself complete with a pool table and life-size queen Elizabeth cardboard cutout. It put into perspective why those working in corporate industries so desperately want the transition to creative.

Over the course of this week I’ve had the opportunity to work in all five Impact departments: Finance, Temp Support, Perm Support, Marketing and HR. The diversity in their roles made my time at Impact not only enjoyable, but practical.

I’ve experienced shadowing candidate interviews, researching a variety of clients and listening in on client and candidate calls. This has opened my eyes to the world of work and I’m thankful to Impact for the opportunity and insight.

Knowledge regarding the hardships of recruitment became all too real when I was head hunting for HR. Tasked with finding suitable candidates for a Talent Manager role in the film industry, the 15,000 suitable candidates were whittled down to 200 in the space of seconds, after some advanced search tweaks, a further 15 candidates were all that remained an hour of CV prospecting later.

I have gained so much knowledge on the recruiting process as a whole: how prospects are selected via LinkedIn or come-forth through ads, how after being met in person and registered/interviewed are input on a database for current and future reference, how to CV screen to ensure that placed candidates are optimally suitable for their roles and checking on these candidates further down the line to establish networking.

Having the opportunity to go on a client meeting to a Bafta Award winning Game Development studio through an employee placed there by Impact was a prized experience.