Knowing You, Understanding Your Business

Fri, 02 May 2014
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How do you like to shop?

Are you an impulsive ‘on-the-spot’ buyer? A mood buyer who likes to browse? Or are you a highly selective, pragmatic buyer who always knows exactly what they’re looking for? What about things you need? Do you make purchases based on ‘needs’ or ‘wants’….or is there sometimes very little difference between the two? Do you like to have assistance when making a purchase (in somewhere like John Lewis for example) or would you rather shop ‘your way’ and be left to your own devices?

Being a little more specific, what if we were talking about a considerable, significant purchase and an investment in your life or in your future e.g. buying a house, a car or an engagement ring? What about if we were talking about your career or a new job opportunity – would this be an impulse decision or would you take a more careful, considered approach and look for consultation and advice before committing yourself?

Here at Impact we are a boutique media/ creative recruitment agency with a specialist Finance division. We are passionate about the work we do and we value both our candidates and clients’ needs. For this reason we take an equally consultative, considered and highly selective approach when it comes to understanding the requirements and long-term career aspirations of our candidates as we do when understanding the expectations and needs of our clients.

As consultants at Impact we understand that as a candidate your professional future is in our hands and on the client side of things we recognise that we are helping you develop your business’ greatest asset – people! We value and respect the contribution we make to the future success of both individuals and businesses. As for the question of whether we put the client or the candidate first? The answer isboth or neither! We focus on achieving outcomes that are mutually beneficial for both parties as we believe this is the key to long term success rather than quick wins.

A key step in our recruitment process centres around face-to-face interaction and the meetings we set up across a typical week. At Impact it is our policy – and we make it a priority – to arrange client meetings (at the clients offices) for any new job brief in order to get a true feel for the company, set up, culture and identity of the business. It also helps to understand more the people who currently work there. On the same note we meet and ‘pre-screen’ all candidates on behalf of our clients to get a clear understanding of your needs and expectations so that we are able consult and advise accordingly on suitable, relevant roles. Ultimately we help you to evaluate which media agencies you would be best suited to. For example McCann, Wieden & Kennedy, JWT, Grey, Cheil or Burberry?

My point is, it is our business to get to know you and to understand your business.

For a refreshingly honest conversation about Impact Finance jobs, the market or for any further advice or consultation about how we can help you please feel free to drop me a line on DL. 0207 307 6411 or email me directly at:

James Baybutt

Senior Consultant, Finance Division