Lovely Lauren talks IWD!

Thu, 05 Mar 2020
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As a Principal Consultant, Lauren has 7 years’ experience working in recruitment and has had the pleasure of working with incredible women and placing them in their dream roles. Whilst working at Impact, she has built strong relationships with her female colleagues and clients and has broken the boundaries of business to create lasting friendships.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s about celebrating successes for Women and how far they have come in the business world. It is also about looking back at what previous women did so that we can have equality.

As a career women yourself, do you feel you have had to fight harder to get where you are today?

Yes I feel like women are always on the back foot when the people interviewing are typically men and statistically, people hire ‘like for like’ therefore if a man also interviewed for a position, they are likely to be picked which is why I feel agencies can have such a positive impact on this. 

How do you feel the media and creative industry treats women? 

The gender pay gap is real throughout all industries including the media and creative world. As said previously, if the Board is full of males then that is likely to follow throughout the senior leadership team however recently more and more women are fighting to get to the top and they should be an inspiration for others.

What would you like to see companies do to give more gender parity?

A lot of companies are changing their processes to become less bias which is great however many have not yet followed suit. Some of our clients request us to remove all details that may reveal gender, race, age etc. and I think this is great because it is making clients chose experience over anything else and stop unconscious bias.

What advice would you give to women ambitious for a great career?

Be unafraid and unapologetic in your decisions at work. Whether that be fighting for a promotion or making the incredibly brave decision to step away from work for a while to start a family. These decisions are what make you as a woman a valuable and diverse member of a team and you should embrace them. With that in mind it is imperative that all women across the workforce band together to let employers know that just because their needs may differ from their male counterparts they should be equally valued.