Lucie’s tips for quarantine

Mon, 13 Apr 2020
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As most people, yes, my day is mainly filled with Skype drinking sessions and, yes I was that close to download TikTok too.
On more of a serious note and whilst it is difficult to escape the news and it might be difficult to cope with self-isolation, I really wanted to share a few tips to keep your spirits up.
What I found really helped getting through the day was creating a new routine and sticking to it (hey, of course your are definitely allowed to rest and procrastinate, but I found giving some structure to my day helped me coping with stress and anxiety).
After watching Harry Potter in all possible languages, I thought I was probably in need for more content…Internet is such a magical place and I found some fantastic websites where you can take part in online classes, listen to great podcasts and have included some of it below: – Where you get involved in research projects – Open University do tonnes of free courses which can take from 1 hr to lots of weeks to complete – Harvard more free courses – Oxford Uni does podcasts of discussions & lectures on pretty much everything
I also use the Nike Training App to exercise (when I am not busy with a glass of wine in my hand). They do have some easy exercise you can do from home a couple of minutes a day (after all, was it not Churchill who use to say ‘No Sport’?).
And you, what are your tips during this quarantine?