Makeda our Pimlico Intern

Fri, 28 Feb 2020
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Makeda Deans

My Work Experience at Impact

I am currently in my first year of sixth form at Pimlico Academy and I have chosen to study media, sociology and psychology. I would like to think that I am quite a creative person as I enjoy art, videography and photography. I am considering whether or not I will pursue the media and creative industry in the future. However, I really want to study psychology as I feel I would have an interesting career path if I do choose to go down that route. Unfortunately I didn’t get a high enough maths grade to do so. I feel that with psychology there is a large branch of careers I would be able to go into such as criminology or even human resources which, interestingly enough is a division here at Impact.

When I originally knew that I was coming to Impact Recruitment I immediately looked at the company online so that I could have a bit more background knowledge. When I saw the office online, it instantly caught my attention as I saw the bright colours, a pool table and little quirky features that I’ve never seen before within a working environment. I also saw pictures of the staff, which again was a relief as I saw they were all casually dressed and noticed their fun, free spirits through the photos on the website.

On my first day here I remember loving the atmosphere created at Impact! They play a nice variety of music in the office which already sets the tone of the creative environment. There’s also a lot of group conversations which showed me the amount of friendship, community and teamwork that this company has strongly built. I was introduced to everyone who took the time to welcome me and kindly offered to show me how the company works and how each division comes into play. I discovered interesting facts, such as this company only started in 2001. This was a surprise to me as they seem much more established, especially as they are partnered with big companies such as Fox TV, Burberry and Vice. I also found out that the divisions that Impact specialise in are Support/Secretarial (temp roles and perm roles), Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

For the next couple of days I got to sit and learn in more depth about the support team as a whole and got to speak to people in both the temp and perm teams. I did some research into the companies that they are working with such as Spring Studios, Mishcon de Reya, Elder and Warner Music. I also got to observe a candidate registration, which I enjoyed. I was able to take notes and see how people from the agency choose their candidates.

I then met the Finance team who not only told me what they do in detail, but also helped me understand what makes a good CV and how they select people who they feel will fit the role that they need to fill. I also got to use a service called ‘LinkedIn Recruiter’ where I emailed potential candidates.

The next day I got to sit with the HR team, where I did more research for clients who they are working with, such as a production company called Fremantle. I also got to listen into 2-3 calls from candidates for different roles within HR which I found fun as I got to hear from the candidates and from the team to see what they think.