Welcome Georgia!

Tue, 23 Nov 2021
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How have your first few weeks been?

Incredibly busy and full of learning new skills, but I adore a challenge so have been loving it. I have been welcomed with open arms which has been very refreshing.


How do you feel that you are now part of the Impact team?

A tear or 10 may have been shed due to me being so happy to be made permanent. I believe I have deserved the quick transition from temporary to permanent as I have progressed so quickly.


What is your favourite thing about working for Impact?

Apart from being the office DJ, creative writer, Canva nerd, social media hand and baker, I really enjoy meeting the kind of candidates that we attract! I really vibe with creatives as I can relate being incredibly creative myself. The team as well have been wonderful and have taught me so many IT shortcuts! So many laughs in the office!


I love how creative all their clients are, and I would love to onboard some clients within industries that I am passionate about in the future (e.g. music, fashion and dating apps). Meeting the clients so far has been so fun!


What kind of recruitment experience do you have?

Prior to Impact I had not had recruitment experience, but I was confident in my transferable skills and knew in my heart that recruitment for the creative industries was for me! I have proven my gut correct. Every part of the job excites me like I knew it would. Follow your gut everyone.


What will you be working on now?

I am still assisting Ellen on the temp team but am working my way up to being an associate recruitment consultant which I am super excited about!


What are your interests outside of work?

I am a weight-lifting, singer-songwriter vegan foodie who loves a psychology documentary and socialising. I love exploring all the new things London has to offer – whether it be a VR experience, quirky bar, drag karaoke or a swing night. I like to stay healthy (during the week anyway) so I keep fit by damaging and repairing my bodily fibres, and eating a tonne of protein and mainly wholefoods. Then at the weekend the junk food foodie takes over. It is all about balance and not missing out on life in the quest for a primarily healthy life.


Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in the recruitment industry?

Go for it, believe in yourself and smash whatever challenge comes your way. The industry/ role is what you make it; if you see each experience as positive and exciting then that is what recruitment shall be for you!