Meet Our Social Media Manager, Jamal Scarlett

Tue, 30 May 2017
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The chances are most of your target market are already using social media. It’s an amazing way to connect with clients and prospects, so you may as well take the leap and reap the many rewards it offers! To have a successful social media networking strategy, you firstly need to learn about your target audience and demographic, gaining an insight on what they love. Social media developed a reputation for being a passing marketing interest, therefore an unprofitable one. But the use of social media in a company, especially a creative one, is so important. A quarter of the world’s population is currently using social networking and the numbers are forever growing.
I feel there are many benefits, from increasing customer engagement to reaching out to a new audience globally; social media gives you a competitive advantage. Statistically there are over 3 billion internet users and 2 billion are active social media users.  500 million people tweet, 4.5 billion likes on Facebook, and 9.5 million photos are posted on Instagram, DAILY. Behind these staggering numbers are a wealth of information about your audience – who they are, what they do, what they like and how they feel about your brand. For passive job seekers, social networks are valuable for finding out about career opportunities, for example LinkedIn is easy and quick to identify available jobs within their sector.
Meet Jamal, our Social media manager here at Impact. He recently joined Impact and has taken on the role amazingly. He has already gained us an extra 500 followers on Twitter in the space of a few months, and he is going to aim higher each week. His method seems to be keeping in mind the target audience, constantly updating and active on the page, keeping followers interested and informed.  It’s all about creating a visual identity and reaching out to communicate on a personal level.
Jamal is a freelance photographer/film maker, he meets most of his contacts through social media, whether that be him reaching out to other current photographers or simply using the incentive to use hashtags/links/promos etc. He recognises the tremendous opportunity it represents, so why not have the ambition to make his dream a reality! He is truly poised for success, constantly active and creative on his social media content. Social media gratifies creative people, sharing in an accessible and rewarding way. An audience always responds positively to a well thought out concept, followers hate to see regurgitated content spread over numerous social media platforms. One relies on pure imagination; “don’t invest money, invest yourself”.
He is currently in the process of updating Impacts YouTube account, reflecting us in a positive and amplifying light. Many of us at Impact are highly creative, and a product of creativity is the desire to share ones work and take ownership of it. Jamal keeps up to date with his YouTube account regularly, particularly checking statistics, such as: Viewer gender (69% female, 31% male viewing his videos) Viewer age (39% 25-34 yr. old viewing his videos). He can also check geographically who is viewing his content; he is very popular in America. He is continuously proving why creativity is so important when talking to the consumer through social media; he focuses a lot on who he is following, as following the key decision makers in your sector is significant.
Common social media goals can be enhancing customer awareness, promoting staff accomplishments, and sharing information about your company. Whatever your end goals may be, try to break them down into easily definable and measurable objectives. Be specific when you do this, so that you’ll be able to see definitively what is moving you towards completing these objectives.
Many companies see social networks as mere distractions for their employees, rather than recognising the great opportunity that they embody. Every opportunity you have to endorse your brand and increase your visibility is worth it.