Modern Day Hero

Sun, 15 Mar 2015
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As children, we’ve forever been surrounded by the creation of fictional super heroes. We’ve dreamed, aspired and even believed of their existence. The thought of one individual, who protects the innocent, saves the world from the ‘badies’, almost created a sense of hope. However, when growing up you learn that being a superhero, possessing super-human powers; will always be just a figment of our imaginations, caused by the common day films.

Now, before you marvel lover’s out there get way too excited, I am NOT I repeat NOT writing to tell you that in fact a real-life superhero with powers exists. But instead, an individual who dresses in red and blue, resembling Spider Man himself, walks the streets of Birmingham at night. And yes, it would be ‘awesome’ if he could shoot webs out his wrists: However he does something even better than that… he feeds the homeless every night.

Unnamed and unknown: challenging the “de-personification” of the homeless by giving out food and dressing-up; he may not have abnormal strength and abilities, but that’s not what makes him the true icon – It’s what he does at night which makes him better. Suiting and booting up, he takes to the streets, with the food in hand (purchased with his own money), and handing it out to the homeless. When questioned, he states that his work isn’t to gain media attention, but to promote others to get involved and to help those who need it – ladies and gentlemen I present to you the true 21st century hero.

Here at Impact, we salute you.