Moving On

Wed, 19 Mar 2014
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Moving On

For 7 years, Impact has called 15 Little Portland St home, however in a couple of short weeks we will be upping sticks and moving on! Due to the continuous success we have experienced over the last 7 years it is time to move to a bigger and better office where we can continue to grow and flourish – exciting times ahead! As we prepare to move to our new stomping ground of Farringdon we reflect on the things we will miss about our home here tucked behind Oxford Circus, the things we won’t miss and the things we are looking forward to about our new home.


Things we won’t miss –

Fighting the crowds on Oxford Street to get to the office – There is nothing worse when you are in a rush than being stuck behind someone whose arrival at their destination is not as time sensitive as yours, or who happens to slow to a snail’s pace when they walk and talk on their phone at the same time.

Climbing the stairs to our office – the 3rd floor, our own personal Everest.

The intimate (read far too intimate) design of our bathrooms.

Things we will miss –

Fighting the crowds on Oxford Street to get to the office – there is a smug sense of self -satisfaction you get from knowing you are a faster walker than about 90% of people on Oxford St, proof that there is an athlete inside you and that if you had committed yourself maybe just maybe you could have had a career in professional walking, bitter regret.

Climbing the stairs to our office – goodbye thighs of Zeus.

Kaffeine – One of the best coffee shops in London. Let’s stay friends Kaffeine, though we can’t promise we won’t see other people.

Liberty & Selfridges – Say no more.


Things we are looking forward to (really, really looking forward to!) –

Though, as we mentioned, we are sad to be moving further away from Kaffeine, we are pretty excited that we are moving to an area where the density of places to get great coffee within a ½ mile radius is pretty high. Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd, soon to be more caffeinated than ever.

Being in an amazing location where we will share the company of many amazing creative companies  – Farringdon is the place to be!

A brand new and shiny office with more space, a better sound system, a bigger fridge and closer proximity to a pub that broadcasts Premier League matches (some of the team are more excited about this than others).

For those of us whose route homeward is via Old Street we will be able to pop in to Shoreditch Grind for a constitutional espresso martini on the way home, every day will be Friday!

Before we say “goodbye” to Oxford Circus and “hello” to Farringdon there is much to do. Moving is never without its challenges, none more daunting then finally having to face the accumulation of all those things you said you’d “get rid of it later”. Later is now! Then there is the shredding which is cathartic for about five minutes and then becomes the bane of your existence with no foreseeable end.  We better get to it.

Wish us luck for the big move – we’ll keep you updated!