My Impact Experience, Boma

Mon, 25 Sep 2017
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At the beginning of February I was so happy to hear that I would be working with Impact for the next seven months before heading off to Uni but little did I know that I would be making life long friendships and connections. At first I felt very nervous, almost like an intruder as anyone does when entering into a new environment, but I soon learnt that Impact was a family and one that was very willing to accept me with open arms.

The thing that I am most proud of at Impact is that I got to spend a little time talking to everyone. I had a lot of time to learn about people’s histories, backgrounds and interests but the things I loved most was finding out that I had a little in common with everyone whether it was our taste in books, food, clothes or even where we liked to go out.

My time of Impact has definitely helped my growth as a person and has certainly made me ready to tackle my studies. Resourcing  on the HR division allowed me to work closely with my colleagues and learn about the media, creative and entertainment sectors. Developing my  knowledge of the different specialist roles within HR and the skills required was very interesting and it was brilliant to identify people who we went on to successfully place in fantastic companies.  I tried to emulate the teams hard work, dedication and commitment that I will apply not just at work but in all aspects of life. My communication skills and confidence improved dramatically and I am to utilise these skills wherever I go.

To conclude, l am very grateful to have been given to chance to work at Impact and meet the amazing people I have met. I wish everyone the best of luck and let’s all keep in touch! Thanks for everything Impact!