Ocean – Our First Intern Of 2019!

Mon, 21 Jan 2019
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Throughout my week being with Impact, I felt fortunate and privileged to have my work experience with the great people of Impact.

When Monday morning arrived, I didn’t know what to expect.

However, walking through the doors to the office it startled me. Music playing. Positive vibes. I was greeted to a team of great people with handshakes and smiles. Each day of this week I studied on a variety of different divisions, some of which I was familiar with and some that were completely new to me.

I have also had the opportunity to take part in candidate registrations and really see how interviews are portrayed. I learnt how to take in notes to take key information from Candidates. In my opinion, I feel that the ‘Perm Support’ was what intrigued me the most. The reason for this was to help observe the different types of CVs/Applications and check which ones were relevant to the job roles, not to mention whether candidates have a sufficient amount of experience through a variety of creative agencies/roles. In this case, when I was working with the ‘Perm Support team’ on Tuesday I was trying to scout through candidates CV’s that have had experience in a Receptionist role related with the Creative Industry.

If the CV’s demonstrate relevant experience in a creative stand point, one of the team members would call the respective candidate to get them to explain on what they are looking and all being well, book the Candidate into a meeting so they can have a face to face interview.

After taking part in an interview with the Candidate it is important to note down, who the Candidate is. Why have they chosen to take this pathway? What made them take on this specific role? What are their hobbies? etc. This is to get a good taste on who this candidate is as a person and as a professional in the creative side of things. Also, it is essential to tell the Client in a formal way on who the Candidate is and what they are like as a person.

Overall, I have learned a variety of aspects through the creative recruitment agency. I have made an effort to hear in on phone calls to know how making the calls to clients are beneficial and how it can enhance your communication skills. I have also learned how to research different types of companies and learn more about them. Even though it is incredibly long, it is still a key thing to know when working in a creative organisation, which I found very interesting in some cases.

I have also learned how to work independently and to learn how things are in a working environment. Through making it to the end of the week, I feel that there is always going to be talking and laughter going around but when it comes down to work it is what matters the most which is what I have picked up on.

I have enjoyed this incredible opportunity working in Impact, and I thank the team for looking after me the whole week and I highly appreciate everything you guys have done for me.