Pandemic Insights

Tue, 23 Nov 2021
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Every business will have a story to tell about their Pandemic experience and it’s certainly been a key topic of conversation over the past year. Our clients have shared insights on how Covid 19 has fundamentally changed their company – not just in their size and structure, but crucially in how they operate.

We’ve taken the time to talk to our clients and discussed how they tackled the pandemic experience both during and afterwards. Once company leaders overcame the huge shock of lockdown and in many instances business slowing down; they were initially forced into resilience and then adaptable to the huge societal change we have surprisingly heard many positive stories from our clients.

In most cases, our clients moved quickly to get everyone up and running from home, but it took some time to re-organise the initiatives we take for granted in the office – Team meetings, reviews, appraisals, training, the list is endless.

Once they embraced a new way of working, we’ve heard plenty of examples in which companies have improved many processes. Most importantly from a people point of view, staff satisfaction, engagement and motivation has improved across the creative industry. Hybrid and flexible working has positively helped, ensuring that when teams are together, making it count is very important.

As companies are looking to expand again, keeping your current team happy and motivated is key to retaining them.

We’ll be posting some of our client insights over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!