Rae’s Work Experience

Wed, 24 Aug 2022
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It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Rae into our team over the past couple of weeks to undertake work experience.  She quickly built relationships and was inquisitive and hardworking and it was great to see her grow in confidence whilst displaying fantastic creativity, diligence and communication skills.  Here’s what she said about her work experience at Impact.

Thinking about my first work experience I pictured myself in a dull, hectic office with corporate, silent and intense robots tapping away, their eyes locked looking at a hypnotising screen whilst the day is wasting away. However, as I walked into the office and saw the big smiles and heard the music playing in the background, I realised that my initial thoughts were the exact opposite.

 I was immediately surrounded by warm, welcoming people wanting to get to know me. I felt so welcomed and at once felt at ease, my nervous state was gone, and I just felt relaxed and ready to work hard. I had a detailed itinerary of my time here. I had no idea that it would be this organised, everything was planned out and everyone knew what they were doing with me. Not once did I sit there with nothing to do, there was always a task handed to me. I would be given a variety of tasks ranging from sitting in on interviews to writing an ad for a job, I would also be asked to do some research sometimes about Impact’s clients.

At Impact, although it is vibrant and exciting, it is also a busy office with a professional atmosphere, this is the perfect place to work, it is a fascinating, and friendly environment filled with lots of exciting and interesting people. The staff are always kind and warm, they always went out of their way to make me feel welcome. They take time to video chat and meet candidates and they always try to put them in a position that fits them and their clients best. Impact deals with all different types of creative clients from all different backgrounds.

Between the employees there was a real sense of community and friendship that they shared; it was as if they were a little family. Everyone was interested in everyone’s days and not one day went by when no one asked me how my evening was. They made sure to include me in their conversations and showed me how to do everything.

I am so glad that I came to do some work experience here, it has boosted my confidence and given me the experience of working in Central London whilst opening my eyes that working in an office is not always uninteresting and bland, they showed me that it can be interesting and exciting. I am so grateful for the warm welcome and the experience that Impact has given me.