Re-Framing Resilience – Virtual Event

Wed, 06 May 2020
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Impact are running a series of Virtual Events for our HR network and this week was focused on exploring our resilience during this time of crisis.

“The capacity to recover from different life events and to grow from the experience.”

Our guest facilitator was the former Global Learning & Development Director at R/GA, Liz Nottingham, who reminded us all that whilst everyone is saying that we are all in the same boat” we are in fact all only in the same storm. How we respond to the events around us will vary from person to person and from moment to moment. As we worked through an updated change curve we noticed that our emotions can go from terror to sadness, from altruism to grief from fear to acceptance, anger to gratitude. As an experienced HRD, Liz suggested that as HR people it is worth remembering that we can only “meet people where they are” and they could be anywhere on the curve of emotion at any moment in the day.

We reflected that there is a lot of loss and grief in the system right now as birthdays and anniversaries cannot be celebrated, our plans are uncertain and people are missing a hug.

Naming our feelings is very important as this helps to normalise what is going on for us in that moment. We may say we are “a worrier” and we can choose to worry and choose how long we wish to dwell in a state of worry.

We looked at some of the research around resilience and talked about the importance of connection as we reach out to other people. Resilient people give support and ask for help. Someone once said “no man is an island.” How true that is right now. Who are you reaching out to and connecting with? Another example of resilient behaviour is to have a practical, realistic and positive outlook about the future.

What do you need to support your resilience?
“What do you need?” is an important question particularly for HR professionals as we are wired to be in service of others.

We did an exercise to look at how we are paying attention to our mind, body, heart and soul. Activities may include reducing access to the news and social media, getting out for a walk, running and discovering skills and interests that perhaps you had forgotten about.

Liz reminded us of a pertinent quote for HR people; “the quality of the intervention depends on the interior of the intervener” Robin Schohet.

And left us with a question; “what one small thing can you start with today to support your resilience?”

A huge thank you to @Liz Nottingham for sharing your insights and to those who joined us … it was a truly rewarding session!