*Spare* A Moment?

Mon, 09 Nov 2015
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Just like Ibiza… a crazy Impact social must come to an end *sad face*. We had some magnificent shots, and I’m talking freestyling shots. You heard me… we’re not just professional recruiters and pretty faces! Oh, and we played well at bowling too.

With spirts high, and competiveness at a *STRIKE*ing level, we made our way to the lanes. With the jazzy music blaring away, we divided into the selected teams. With the chosen balls at the ready, bowling laces tied and of course our drinks at hand… GAME ON!

Strikes, spares, and some er… ok(ish) shots *sorry not sorry*; the game rallied on and resulted in a glorious win for TEAM 3! When the celebration dance ended, and our stomachs now demanding food, we sat down in the very cool/hip American styled diner and ordered, what seemed like the whole menu (not kidding).

Once again, a hilarious Impact social came to an end. After we ate *demolished* the delicious grub, and sipped *gulped* our drinks, we said our farewells… which in #Impact terms means “where’s the next bar?”

Round #3?