Spring (Sort Of) Break!

Fri, 11 Apr 2014
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Though usually pretty (falsely) modest we are feeling pretty pleased with ourselves over here at Impact as we have simultaneously timed our office move to the seasonal calendar and proven a proverbial saying to be true – all in a day’s work!  Spring is here and it happens to be coinciding with our own metaphorical Spring of sorts. Our new beginning has begun and we are settled into our new office and are experiencing the ‘”spring is in the air” feeling in full force. We think this feeling of heightened energy proves that old adage “change is as good as a holiday” to be pretty accurate. The change of scenery from the West End to Farringdon has created a definite buzz in the Impact office and is making us feel a little like we are on a holiday. Don’t be concerned, we are still working pretty hard and until someone shows up in flip flops, a sarong and sporting a tan in the shade of Rouge on Fire there is no need to raise the alarm. For now we shall adjust office chairs as close to sun lounger degrees of recline as they will go, grab another cocktail (Thursday is the new Friday and 2pm is the new 5pm) and tell you all about how our change is as good as a holiday.

Firstly, like on any good holiday we are doing a quite a bit of exploring. We are enjoying getting to know our new area and are like kids in a candy store with all the new places to try. One thing we have discovered in our exploring is the true density of jewellers on our doorstop; we can now fulfil all our diamond and precious metal needs in a lunch hour, so convenient. Seriously though we may just go and buy that Rolex, I mean splurging is customary on holiday and when on Hatton Garden do as Hatton Gardeners do.

Secondly, our new location means that some of us are lucky enough to have cut down our travel time by half – but what to do with that extra hour a day? World domination? Needlecraft? No. The answer is sleep. Just like on holiday some of us are enjoying a bit of a lie in.

Thirdly, a few of us have noticed we are hungrier in the new office. Could it be because our bodies are subconsciously preparing and encouraging us to try all the new lunch places? Or is it because our office is so much bigger than our old office that we are expending more energy walking from one side of it to the other? Whatever the reason for our increased appetites, as we do when on holiday, we are giving ourselves permission to treat ourselves.