Superstar Temp Success Story

Fri, 11 Oct 2013
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Here at Impact we are keen to showcase some of the best talent we have had through our doors and demonstrate how hard work and a flexible approach can lead to finding your dream job. A shining example of this is Alice Cadwgan, Head of Operations at Ogilvy PR.

Here is her story…

Alice came in to register with me in February 2012. Alice wanted to fill in the gap while she decided what would be her next permanent move. I was struck by Alice’s warm personality and thought she would easily fit within a variety of my clients I work with, especially PR and Advertising. That was why, when Ogilvy PR got in touch looking for a PA, Alice was a natural choice.  Alice hit the ground running and immediately nailed the role as PA, impressing her colleagues and demonstrating her project skills which Ogilvy were in real need of. Within a short amount of time Ogilvy realised Alice was an asset and created a role for her there. Alice now works as Head of Operations at Ogilvy PR, a busy role where she is responsible for the effective management of key projects and resources. At Ogilvy she leads teams and large scale campaign events including the launch of worlds’ first cultured beef burger, Pandamonium in Trafalgar Square and the naming ceremony of Princess Cruise’s brand new vessel featuring her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge.

Alice is a fantastic example of how temping can lead you to establishing your name within a company, showcasing your skills and ultimately finding your dream job. Temping allows you to sample different environments, roles and skill sets which can sometimes unearth a whole new career path. On the flip side temping can also ‘fill in’ natural gaps within your employment, keeping not only your skills fresh but helping to maintain motivation while you are looking for that next permanent role. At Impact we realise that the current job market is really challenging and what really sets people apart is their flexibility and proactive attitude, something which is a hallmark of a good temp and something which won Alice her dream job!

Have a happy Friday,

Brad  x