How To Avoid Burnout

‘Burn baby burn’ – a catchy song, but not a nice feeling to live with. Stress can have implications on our health and well-being, and burnout is a harsh reality many of us face juggling work, family, and life in general. We empathise with you, we’ve been there! 

There are many ways you can help yourself to feel more you, but here are just a few tips to help avoid burnout.

  1. Make time for your health

    If you are constantly in ‘fight or flight’ mode it will be beneficial to calm your adrenals with soft exercises like walks in the park or yoga. We hear it all the time, but it’s not overrated – eat nutritious food to give your body energy and give your brain a boost. Eat the rainbow i.e. load up your plate with colourful veggies such as leafy greens, sweet potato, beetroot – whatever you like. Another tip – when you need to wind down after a stressful day takes a magnesium bath with a cup of camomile – it works a treat!

  2. Create a consistent sleeping pattern

    Irregular sleep can be one of the first things that are impacted by stress. Turn off your phone an hour before you head to sleep. Do your best to regulate your circadian rhythm by taking long, deep breaths before bed to help drift off to sleep. If you wake up at or after sunrise you can sit in the sunlight first thing to wake up your brain and regulate your circadian rhythm – a fantastic method recommended by sleep therapists.

  3. Prioritise your time

    Give yourself permission to say ‘No’. Your time is important – prioritise what is important and do your best to make time for yourself.

  4. Have some fun!

    Not overrated. Head to a market, go dancing, invite some friends for bowling, do a paint and sip class, learn how to knit, do a cooking class, have a dinner party, draw, join a football team, head to the local court and shoot some hoops – whatever it is that allows you to play.

  5. Meditation – wherever, whenever!

    Try and take some time during work to do a quick meditation – even if you can get away from your desk for 5 minutes. Melissa Ambrosini has some fantastic guided meditations, or you can simply go to a quiet corner, close your eyes, and do some long, deep breaths. 


These are some tips that have helped our team avoid burnout, and we hope some of these are helpful to you. If you take anything away – be kind to yourself!