How to Tackle Climate Change from your Office

Sustainability is growingly becoming the new-norm conversation within businesses on how they can tackle climate change first hand. We asked you how important it is to you when looking for a new role, that the company offers a position actively tackling the climate crisis. 

Interestingly most of you voted that you see this as a benefit, but not an essential part of your criteria for looking for work. However, for 20% of you this is your main priority, and suggests that you are actively researching the ethics of a company before applying for a new role. 


Taking action on climate change can seem daunting if you are a business, but it’s much easier than you think and can cut yearly costs and bring in environmentally-savvy employees! Starting with environmental research and some simple changes, your business can be on a road to sustainability in no time.


A sustainability action plan is a strategy for how your company plans to reach targets for achieving environmental, financial, and societal sustainability. Once you have set your short-term targets and long-term goals, set them into your company policy to set a standard at all levels of the organisation.


Integrate your team into your sustainability goals by brainstorming ideas to increase awareness as a team. Once these goals are set, assign to your team according to their strengths, for example your social media manager can work with creating content across your platforms echoing your climate action goals and your office manager can source sustainable stationary and office products. 


From choosing to work with more ethical conscious and sustainable suppliers to discovering simple ways to change office habits, check out our tips on making the office more Eco-friendly here.


Putting sustainability at the heart of your core values and being transparent with your sustainability goals is the first step to a successful climate plan! Shouting out about the efforts your business is making to combat climate change can be the winning decision that brings you new employees that are not only mirroring your company values but can help to further your sustainability scheme.