Futureproofing Talent Through Diversity

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, businesses are seeking ways to futureproof their operations and ensure sustainable growth. As one of London’s top ethical recruitment partners, we guide our clients on a journey toward building inclusive teams that thrive on creativity, collaboration, and collective brilliance.

We’re here to guide and explore the power of diversity in talent acquisition and share actionable insights to inspire and futureproof workforces while creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered.


Why Diversity Matters

Diversity encompasses a broad range of factors, including gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, and cultural background. By embracing diversity in the workplace, we can create a culture that is rich in ideas, perspectives, and experiences, leading to enhanced performance and success that benefits all.


Innovation and Creativity:

Diverse teams bring together individuals with unique perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving approaches, leading to the development of innovative ideas and solutions that drive competitive advantage.

Enhanced Employee Engagement and Retention:

A culture of inclusivity and belonging cultivates higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Employees who feel valued and respected for their individuality are more likely to remain loyal to their employers, reducing turnover rates and the associated costs of recruitment and training.

Broader Talent Pool Access:

By prioritising diversity in recruitment practices, organisations can tap into a broader talent pool, attracting top-tier candidates from diverse backgrounds. This not only enhances the quality of hires but also ensures that companies remain competitive in the talent market.


Strategies for Futureproofing Talent Through Diversity

As a recruitment company committed to futureproofing talent, we advocate for the following strategies to help businesses harness the power of diversity:

Redefine Recruitment:

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment. Embrace inclusive practices like blind screening and diverse candidate sourcing to ensure every voice has a chance to be heard.

Nurture Inclusivity:

Cultivate a culture where diversity isn’t just celebrated—it’s woven into the fabric of everyday interactions. Create safe spaces for dialogue, promote empathy, and champion authenticity.

Lead by Example:

Diversity starts at the top. Ensure leadership teams reflect the diversity you wish to see in your business. When leaders embrace inclusivity, it sets the tone for the entire company.

Continuous Learning:

Invest in diversity training and education to raise awareness of unconscious bias and promote cultural competence. Provide employees with the tools they need to navigate diverse perspectives with grace and empathy.


By embracing diversity in all its forms, organisations can build teams that are not only resilient and innovative but also compassionate and inclusive. Contact our specialist ED&I team today to embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and collective brilliance.

Impact’s Employee of the Year 2022

We are delighted to announce that Carly David is our Impact Employee of the Year for 2022.

This is an astounding feat, seeing as she only started with us in Jan 2022 and had been a secretarial specialist before moving over to HR with Impact. Carly made her mark from day 1 at Impact and had an awesome year. She not only has a hugely successful desk, but became a really important part of the Impact team and culture.

Congrats to Carly, your award Is well deserved!

How does it feel to be our Employee of the Year 2022?

It feels amazing to be recognised for a successful year and it makes me even more motivated for 2023. It’s been a whirlwind 12 months but I’ve loved every second and I’m so happy I made the move into HR recruitment.

You only started in Jan 2022 – What is the secret of your success?

I don’t think there is a secret, its hard-work and determination which I think all Impact employees embody. I cram a lot into a day so I work efficiently which I think comes down to years of experience. And being able to juggle 10 things at once!

What were your 2022 highlights?

Hitting my yearly target by October was a great feeling! Getting to grips with HR and all that it brings has been a great learning curve. And of course working with amazing colleagues who make all the difference when you’ve had a challenging day! There’s a lot of laughter in this office which is exactly the way it should be!

What’s are your 3 top tips to those who want to be as successful as you?



If you are looking for a new opportunity in the HR sector, contact Carly today.

Ways to Engage Your Employees this Christmas

As a business, you want your staff to be motivated and engaged and to finish the year on a high, rested and ready for the next. We look at some simple ways to engage your team during the holidays.


Plan ahead

Try to plan everything ahead of schedule to ensure you’re able to clearly communicate your year-end goals to employees well in advance. Move non-essential meetings into the New Year, to help people focus on their core work in December and avoid burnout and encourage a big end-of-year push by offering some serious incentives in December.

Creating a clear schedule of when your team are taking their holiday time off can be better for communicating and planning things like the work Christmas party around dates that work for all your team. It’s also important to schedule all festive communications well in advance, so there’s no checking in on LinkedIn during Christmas lunch!


Reward your employees

Offer a flexible working schedule, with extended lunches, earlier finishes, or increased working-from-home flexibility. Whether it’s last-minute work projects, Christmas shopping or train strikes, it’s good to give your employees a reward for their dedication in the run-up to Christmas and avoid any unwanted stress.

Set your employees up for success to tackle whatever comes their way with well-being resources to improve their mental, physical and financial wellness.


Celebrate successes

The end of the year is a natural time to recognise everyone’s efforts and a great opportunity for employees at all levels to show their appreciation for each other. It shouldn’t just be about work-related milestones either! Celebrate employees who’ve really embodied your culture and values or have reached personal goals.


Embrace the festivities!

The holiday season is all about giving, if you’re a multi-cultural team where not everyone celebrates Christmas, there are still plenty of reasons to get in a festive mood! Start by bringing Christmas to the office and get the team to join in for Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 8th December or decorate your office space.


Most important of all is to say thank you to your team and make sure they feel valued because sometimes a little can go a long way and if you’re looking for further benefits for your employees, check out out top non-salary benefits guide.