Impact Turns 22!

In 2001, Impact was launched by Nick and Jules with one mission: to shake up the industry. Back in the day, the recruitment industry lacked the level of professionalism and expertise that is present in today’s market.

But we, two ambitious upstarts, burst onto the scene with boundless ideas. Our game plan? Creative branding, unwavering integrity, and a determination to embed ourselves as the key recruitment partner to the creative industry.

What a journey it has been! We’ve experienced unparalleled success and faced huge challenges. However, with one recession and a pandemic later, we’ve emerged stronger than ever.

Today, Impact proudly partners with an incredible breadth of brilliant clients, and we’ve built an expansive network of loyal candidates. Our success spans five specialities, reaching across the UK and beyond.

Yet, our most important asset remains our phenomenal team. Throughout our 22 years, they’ve been the driving force behind our success and we are extremely proud of them.

Cheers to us on this special occasion—Happy Birthday Impact!

Impact’s 2023 Market Guide

We are happy to announce that the eagerly anticipated 2023 Market Guide is now available to download!

What is 2023 going to look like after a fairly unprecedented 2022? The media and creative industry saw a bounce back in business and revenues coming out of the post covid period. Whilst this was, in the main, hugely positive for an industry so severely affected by the pandemic, it also came with its own challenges. In the race to service the new demand, companies needed to find talent. Quickly.

As with other industries, the race for talent caused increases in salaries as companies fought for the best talent.

We’ve delved into the industry to determine how this has affected 2023. We’ve also looked under the bonnet to see what’s happening in business and the job market. We’ve also surveyed the latest salary bandings across our key sectors; Marketing, Creative, HR, Talent and Business Support. All of these have been compiled through extensive client research from the past 6 months.

The guide provides insights into the creative and media industry from senior Impact team members along with contributing features from industry professionals providing their insights for 2023.

If you are a company or client, please email to register your interest in our 2023 Market Guide.

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